Stonking Stuff

Stonking Stuff

The Stonking Collective

How we're supporting creators, developers and startups.

We believe customer acquisition costs for creators, developers, startups and small businesses are far too high.

Rising advertising and marketing costs controlled by big tech and venture-backed competition are increasingly resulting in small players being locked out from opportunities, that's where the stonking collective hopes to help.

Our mission is to leverage culture and build a like-minded community that creates distribution opportunities, lowering customer acquisition costs for creators, startups and small businesses. We intend to achieve this by building cost-efficient platforms that are purpose-built to serve stonking collective contributors at cost.

None of this will be possible without you, so if you believe in our mission then the first way you can help is by simply following us on Twitter and becoming a stonking collective backer , supporter or donor.

Other ways to help include getting involved in coding, community growth, outreach and support.

Get involved by emailing and letting us know you'd like to get involved. The stonking collective is a work in progress and we're always open to diversity, innovation and change.

We look forward to serving our community and helping you grow.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter , not just because we'd like it but because it helps us discover you too, and that's a really big part of our mission, we want to see your timeline!

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